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What is Talent Gaming?

Talent Gaming is an innovative methodology based on extensive research done over several years about how board games can be used to empower teams. This methodology was developed thinking about the efficiency of Team Coaching and the importance of bringing out the best of individuals when working as a team.

Talent Gaming es una innovadora metodología resultado de una intensa investigación realizada sobre cómo los juegos de mesa pueden ser utilizados para acompañar y entrenar equipos. Esta metodología ha sido desarrollada pensando en potenciar la eficacia de las sesiones de Coaching de Equipos así como en la importancia de identificar y desarrollar los talentos a nivel individual para poder aportar y trabajar como un verdadero gran equipo.

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Have you heard yourself telling…

Talent Gaming is your opportunity to work on all these aspects at the same time.

  • How can I give an extra add value to my coaching clients and make a real difference?
  • I know that talent management is the future of people management…. but how can I identify talents?
  • Innovation is part of the coaching practice but I need new and effective tools to continue my development as a professional.
  • I know that good sense of humour; happiness and interactive dynamics are a key factor for learning and team success…. But how can I introduce it in my sessions with a team? As coach or leader, what can I use?
  • Team building, communication skills, talent development… too many goals for the same proposal! How can I effectively work all these topics with my client?

  • give an extra add value

  • the future of people management

  • good sense of humour, happiness and interactive dynamics

  • Team building, communication skills, talent development

Top 15 benefits

that you can get from the use of Talent Gaming




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